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Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads Management Process


        Understanding Your Business : –
                         We want you to teach us as much as possible about your business and your target customers. That way,         we’ll be able to build the best PPC campaigns possible for you.
        Competitor Research : –

                            You’ll tell us your main competitors, and we’ll research their advertising footprint to learn what has             been working for them. We can see what they’re spending on advertising, and what we need to leave them                     begging for mercy.
        Setting Goals : –
                            It’s important to move forward with an understanding of your exact advertising goals. That way, we’ll         be able to measure the success of our campaigns and the returns of your advertising dollars.
         Building Keyword Lists :-
                          Keywords are the beating heart of your account. We spend a lot of time researching the keywords                    relevant to your products and services and analyzing their projected costs. We then develop tightly knit keyword          lists to keep each ad group highly relevant. We ask real people how they would search for your products and                  services in order to the get the most accurate feedback possible.
         Creative Ad Copy :- 
                         Both your text and image ads are developed with great thought and care. It’s not easy to appeal to your          customers in both a unique and informative way, but our team has the aesthetic and creative skills to write and            design beautiful, unique and engaging ad copy. And it goes without saying that we’re constantly A/B split                      testing the ads in each ad group to ensure the campaigns increase in performance over time.
         Custom Settings : –
                         There’s a whole lot more to a successful campaign than keywords and ads. In this stage we’ll configure             the geographical targeting and custom ad scheduling that best fit your business and advertising goals. We’ll                  develop a custom bidding strategy in order to bid most aggressively on the most relevant keywords and bid                    more conservatively on areas that are bringing in customers earlier in the buying cycle.
 Conversion Tracking : – 
                               In order to be able to track the effectiveness of the campaigns, we need to know when visitors who                  came to your website from an ad took an action like calling, submitting a form or buying something that you                sell. We’ll set up thorough conversion tracking on your site so we know when a customer calls you, submits a                form or purchases. We’ll be able to track every conversion back to the keyword level which will allow us to                   optimize the campaigns to get more conversions with your advertising budget. We’ll make sure all the codes                 are installed properly and we’ll run test conversions to make sure the tracking is installed properly
  Google Analytics Integration : –
                            We’ll make sure Google Analytics is installed correctly on your site and we’ll also link your AdWords               and Analytics accounts. Google Analytics will give us a deeper and richer insight into the Adwords data by                     showing us additional key performance indicators like bounce rate, average session duration and average page             views  per visit. This additional layer of data will help us see which areas of the Adwords account are working               best and which areas could use more attention.
  Remarketing Lists : –
                            Remarketing allows us to specifically target your previous website visitors on both the search and                     display networks. We’ll install the remarketing tag on your website which will allow us to begin creating                         custom audiences to use in our remarketing campaigns. For example, you may want to remarket only to                         visitors who viewed a specific offer or spent a minimum amount of time on your site. Remarketing in                               AdWords is extremely powerful and it can yield a very high ROI.
             Final Approval : –
                            Before launching the live campaigns, we’ll review the entire account build with you to make sure                        everything looks good to you and your team. If any additional edits need to be made, we’ll take care of them                  before pushing the new campaigns live. If everything looks good we’ll launch the campaigns. We watch new                  campaigns extra closely over their first few weeks to monitor the results and to make any necessary,                                immediate changes.
            Scheduled Optimizations : –
                              In order for the efficiency and profitability of your campaigns to improve over time, they need to be                closely monitored and optimized on a daily basis. You’ll see your scheduled optimizations in your Asana                        dashboard, so you’ll always know what edits are in the pipeline. We are always working on things like                              keywords / negative keywords, account structure and organization, quality score, geographical segments,                      custom scheduling, A/B split testing, remarketing and more.
             Custom Reporting : –
                                 We want you to know exactly what’s happening in your account, so we set up beautiful, interactive               and easy to read reports that will be delivered right to your inbox every morning, week and month. Each                         report pulls data directly from your Adwords account and displays it an intuitive and aesthetically simple                       way. Each report also included a performance comparison section that shows you how the last period                            compared to the previous period. For example, the weekly report will show you data from the previous week                and compare it the results from the week before last. You can also customize the reports to include only the                  KPI’s you care most about.