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Optical Management Software

The Optical Management Software lets you centralize multiple network management functions with one system. It helps simplify your SDH, SONET and optical Ethernet transport network operations while enabling the evolution to next-generation, service-oriented networks.


The Optical Management Software is designed to manage SDH, SONET and optical transport networks as well as next-generation and service-oriented networks

  • Incorporates multiple network management functions within a single system to help reduce your operating costs
  • Enables complete end-to-end service provisioning with simple point-and-click automated operation
  • Provides fast and accurate detection and diagnosis of failed equipment and affected services
  • Helps reduce operational costs using proven, scalable technology
  • Provides configuration management, fault management, performance management and security management functions to help your network run more effectively and efficiently
  • Enables automatic discovery and synchronization of network inventory database to ensure accurate and up-to-date resource information
  • Provides remote network element memory backup features, making restoration easier in the event of catastrophic failure
  • Provides comprehensive, integrated network management from a single system
  • Reduces network complexity while enhancing efficiency
  • Speeds introduction of services with simplified provisioning
  • Helps improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Offers secure and reliable network management


The Optical Management System helps reduce operations’ complexity through remote and centralized Network Element (NE) administration.

Rapid creation of profitable new services

  • Speeds provisioning operations with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Uses end-to-end path provisioning for automatic, semi-automatic and manual routing
  • Supports Ethernet services (Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet VPN, Ethernet aggregation)
  • Enables new wavelength services via optical channels
  • Integrates into operators’ business models to economically deliver new services

Reduced operational costs

  • Manages large networks remotely using centralized and secure single-user network administration
  • Enables process efficiencies through a common web-based GUI, enabling point-and-click operations
  • Provides cost-effective, comprehensive, multi-technology provisioning from a single application (SDH, SONET, Optical, Ethernet, ASTN/GMPLS)
  • Offers scalable and flexible architecture

Improved service reliability and customer satisfaction

  • Centralizes alarm correlation giving rapid, accurate fault information.
  • Correlates faults to services, enabling identification of affected customers
  • Enables proactive maintenance of network performance through performance monitoring
  • Improves network reliability with high-availability options ranging from mirrored disks to uninterruptible power supplies